A K-9 Tip:

When skunked:
This solution should be kept out of the pets eyes and not ingested but will be very effective in getting the smell neutralized.

One quart of Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
1/4 cup baking soda
one teaspoon liquid dish detergent

Put mixture in a spray bottle and spray down Fido with the above mentioned precautions. Rub in well and in about 15 minutes rinse Fido down real good. Usually one treatment does the trick and everyone is happy again.

The remedy really makes sense when you realize that many factories use a strong peroxide solution in their filters to remove the nasty smelling sulfur compounds. That's exactly what the skunk sprays-organic sulfur compounds called mercaptans.

I can tell you that my dogs Champ and Hans gave me the opportunity to test this formula and it worked great. It also did the trick on me as they were so kind as to get me sprayed as well.

This is from a magazine called Chemical Engineering.

Most Common Outdoor Dog Poisons

•  Lawn, Rose, and Agricultural pesticides can be harmful in their concentrated form
•  Exposure to liquids or bags of granulated materials can be extremely dangerous, affecting the nervous system, often displayed in seizures
•  Antifreeze that contains ethylene glycol has a sweet taste and is deadly in small quantities
•  There are some products that contain propylene glycol and are more pet-friendly
•  Gas and Kerosene containers offer ‘fun’ challenges to open
•  Once opened, however, ingestion could lead to nervous disorders
 Windshield Washer Fluid
•  This contains methanol – again a deadly poison that can cause severe depression
•  Color and taste do not deter dogs
•  Paint can be messy to clean off a dog, cans can be opened or tipped over, but generally paint is not very toxic
•  Paint stripper, on the other hand, is very toxic and can harm a dog quickly
 Snail & Slug Bait
•  Pets must be kept away from locations where this is spread and stored
•  Can cause seizures in pets almost instantly
 De-Icing Salts
•  Salts can harm dog’s paws, can be caustic to the pads of the feet
•  Certain de-icing compounds can be harmful if eaten
•  Dogs generally won’t eat outdoor plants, however the Japanese Yew and Oleander can be toxic
•  Cycad or Sago Palm nuts if eaten by dogs will cause liver failure
 Over-the-Counter Pet Pest Control
•  Follow directions exactly for OTC flea and tick control
•  ‘Spot’ treatments should be used only on the size dog noted on the package (don’t use same treatment on a St. Bernard and a tea-cup Poodle) also, don’t mix dog & cat spot controls

In case of an emergency get to your vet, the local animal hospital or call 1-888-4 ANI-HELP (888-426-4435). For more information visit: www.napcc.aspca.org

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