We provide a variety of services for our students and their owners. We offer both on campus and in-home training, humane pet containment systems, and educational presentations. Here’s a little more detail on each of these services.

Training for Dogs and the Humans They Own
Training is made available either in our Residency Program on our campus in Douglas or in your home. In our residency Training Program your dog resides on campus with us for 7 to 10 days for intense professional obedience training. We assure you that after graduation your dog will be a pure joy to have around the house. Many of our customers prefer the Residency Program because it’s fast, economical and very effective. For those who prefer keeping their pet at home, we provide training in the home. Private classes can be arranged in the comfort of your home during the day, at night or on weekends. If your pet is timid or easily frightened by new surroundings, you might prefer the in home training. We suggest choosing whatever method suits you and your dog.

Incidentally, all our training is individualized. We do not believe in group training. Why not? Because in group training, regardless of how good the instructor is, he or she must use a general approach, one that may be good for some dogs but not necessarily for all. As a matter of fact, we’ve identified about six different personality types among dogs. Each requires a different training approach. Simply, there is no cookie cutter approach to dog training. It has to be personalized to the dog and the dog’s owner.

Humane Pet Containment Systems
Isn’t it a shame that you need to keep your dog in doors most of the day because you can’t trust them to go outdoors by themselves? There is an answer that alleviates your worry for your dog’s safety and your dog’s frustration with never getting outdoors to play. The answer is Hidden Fences, a humane pet containment system.

At K-9U, we are great believers in using Hidden Fences. What is a Hidden Fence? Well its just that, a fence that you can’t see but your dog knows is there. Hidden fences are not electrical fences. A Hidden fence system keeps an "eye" on your dog by transmitting a harmless radio signal through a boundary wire installed around your yard – at or just above ground level. Your dog wears a lightweight collar with a receiver tuned only to the signal from the boundary wire. If your dog gets within 5-10 feet of the wire, an audible signal is emitted from the collar receiver reminding the dog to go no farther. If the warning is ignored (something that rarely happens after training), the collar emits a harmless correction which can be adjusted. Hidden Fences work with all breeds of dogs, 4 months or older. It is effective after just a few simple training lessons, even if your dog has behavioral problems. Also, there’s no limit to the number of dogs your hidden Fence system can "watch." For further information check out FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions). Here you’ll find the most commonly asked questions about Hidden Fences. If you need more information or want to order a system, go to our Ask the Professor page and contact us. We’ll be glad to help.

Educational Presentations
Our faculty is constantly on the road making presentations before various groups discussing dogs and dog training. If you’d like us to make a presentation, free of charge of course, go to Ask the Professor to schedule an appearance. Our faculty can address a wide variety of topics. The most common issues we talk on include common dog problems; how to deal with an overly aggressive dog; what do you do about a dog that bites; proper dog training techniques; and dog breeds and personalities. If you’d like to book a presentation we suggest you do so at least two months in advance.

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