Q. Why Train My Dog?
A. Training is your dog's education on how to coexist with humans. It establishes a line of communication between you and the dog. Training forms a special bond between you and your pet. Training opens a line of communication between you and your dog. Your dog will be happier, knowing what pleases you, and what does not. Both you and your dog will be better neighbors, and will no longer have to worry, or be embarrassed by your dog's behavior.

Q. Am I Responsible For My Dog's Behavior?
A. Yes. Most municipalities have laws that make the owner liable for their dog's aggressive or destructive behavior.

Q. What If I Just Want My Dog To Stop Chewing, Barking, Or Jumping Up On People, etc.?
A. Obedience training is always the first step in solving a behavioral problem. During the training process, your dog learns what "NO" means. Many common problems stop with obedience training.

Q. When Should Training begin?
A. We do recommend that dogs start training between the ages of 3 1/2 to six months, before they begin to develop unacceptable behavior. However, it is never too late to start training your dog.

Q. How Much Does Training Cost?
A. The costs of programs vary from one dog to the next. Following an evaluation, we will be able to give you an exact price for each program. Private lessons start at $89.00 and training programs are also available at reasonable rates. A training course is a small investment for many years of enjoyment.

Q. What Method of Training Do You Use?
A. A trainer's job is to read your dog and its personality, and to use the method that will best suit your dog.

Q. Can All Dogs Be Trained?
Our experience is that 98% of all dogs are trainable, as long as they are in good health.

Q. Why Are Our Programs More Effective Than Group or Class Training?
A. In group training, an instructor is forced to generalize their approach to training. They are not able to break down their approach to one of six different personalities exhibited by dogs. A one-on-one training program is able to deal directly with your dog's personality. Using the proper technique in training that is appropriate to your dog's personality insures the best possible training of your dog.

Q. What is "Personal Protection"?
A. Personal protection training is designed to enhance your dog's natural protective instincts. This training is purely defensive, and should not be confused with offensive attack training. This training will allow you to give your dog a command that alerts him to a dangerous situation, or threat, to you or your family. On command, your dog will show aggressive behavior toward the source of the threat. Protection training does not alter your dog's personality. Your pet will remain friendly and lovable unless called on to protect.

Q. What is a Residency Program?
A. Our 7 – 10 day Residency Program allows us to professionally obedience train your dog so that it will be a joy to own!

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