Welcome to K-9 University, training ground for some of the brightest, most lovable dogs and their human owners. Our university is like most institutions of higher learning. We have very committed students, loving parents, wonderful and successful alumni, a beautiful campus, a great, highly qualified professorial staff, but, alas, we’re sorry to admit, no football team. The students tend to tear the balls apart, playful creatures that they are!

We’re located in bucolic Douglas, Mass, which means we have plenty of trees, green grass and things like that. By the way, you don’t have to worry about getting to us, although that’s not difficult. We’ll come to you. That’s how we do a lot of our training. University on wheels, so to speak.

At K-9U we have a very simple mission: To develop warm, trusting relationships between dogs and their human companions. We do that by training both you and your pet, the pet being the human of course. You can learn how we train by clicking on What We Do, which, of course, tells you what we do. We’re very intelligent here at K-9U.

So welcome to our university. Take your time here and visit our virtual campus. Plenty of free information on common dog problems that you can access free on our Resources page. If you have a specific question or issue you can Ask the Professor. You’ll get a reply from one of our faculty, also a freebie.

Again, welcome to our site and enjoy your visit. A word of caution, stay on the walkway, at K-9U you never know what you’ll step into!


Phone: (508) 476-2520
Fax: (508) 476-0036

Mailing Address:
35 Pond Street
Douglas, MA 01516

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